Bom aka One Day Ahead of Democracy

Amlan Datta
English (subtitled), 117 min, 2011, India

Malana, a remote village in the Himalayas, isolated from outside civilization for thousands of years has been fostering a divine existence in harmony with nature and a unique model of democracy of consensus. The hidden treasure of their governance has been trust and they have been selecting not electing!
They have also been producing some of the best quality hashish. In the seventies came some white men who taught them how to rub the creme and drew them into hashish trade. Malana creme became world famous.
The rule of our modern day democracy has to be established, so Malana becomes a part of Indian electorate. In name of development the curse of modern world starts destroying their traditional culture and social practices. A united community gets divided and goes to vote for the Indian general elections.

Amlan Datta
Creative Crew
Amlan Datta
Amlan Datta
Richard Kondal, Shubhadeep Sengupta
Supported by Sundance DFP, Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA), Co-produced with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp)
Awards and Screenings:

Winner of:
National Award for the Best Ethnographic/ Anthropological Film, National Awards 2012
Cinema of Resistance Award, SIGNS, Kerala, 2012
Special Mention, MIFF, Mumbai, 2012

Also screened at:
Persistence Resistance, New Delhi, 2012;
Theatrical release in Mumbai and Delhi