The Bitter Drink

Kaippu Neeru
P. Baburaj
English (subtitled), 26 min, 2003, India

The Coca-Cola company comes to town. But the Adivasi people of Plachimada do not want it to come in and suck up their water and resources. In a David and Goliath battle, the people of Plachimada take on one of the most powerful corporates in the world. This film documents the formative days of this inspiring struggle.

Third Eye Communications
Creative Crew
C. Saratchandran, Jain Joseph, Kannan
C. Saratchandran, P. Baburaj
Awards and Screenings:

Asia Social Forum, Hyderabad, India, 2003
World Social Forum, Mumbai, India, 2004
Vikalp, Mumbai, India, 2004
Wild Spaces, Australia, 2005