Bishar Blues

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English (subtitled), 80 min, 2006, India

Bengali Fakirs are Islamic people who live in Bengal, in Eastern India. They are Bengali with their own typical ethnic, cultural and geographical mix. In their practice of Islam they have extended it's scope over the complex multiplicities of their own land. The Fakirs believe that to know oneself is to know God. There is no higher entity than Man. In fact, they search for Allah in Man. Through the practice of this indigenous form of Islam, called 'Marfat', they keep Islam open-ended. 'Marfat' is passed on in the oral tradition through songs. 'Bishar Blues' undertakes a journey to understand 'Marfat' through encounters with various Fakirs and their songs.

Amitabh Chakraborty
Creative Crew
Somak Mukherjee
Amit Debnath, Amitabh Chakraborty
Partha Barman
Awards and Screenings:

Winner of Golden Lotus, Best Film award in the 54th National Awards, Non-feature section
National awards for Best Audiography and Best Editing
World Premiere, IDFA, Amsterdam, 2006
Munich Dokfest, 2007
Bilan Ethnographic Film Festival, Paris, 2007
Alba International Film Festival, Italy, 2007
Yamagata International Film Festival, Japan, 2007
Villages in Murshidabad, Birbhum districts of West Bengal, India, 2007
Nomadsland, Washington DC, 2008
The Sardinia Ethnographic Film Festival, 2008