A renewable energy alternative to firewood
English & Hindi, 46 min, 2008, India

Biogas plants break down organic matter (such as cow dung) in the absence of oxygen to release methane that can be used as a cooking gas. It is a renewable energy technology that is ideal for rural India's cooking needs. We have found that the critical factors for success are quality construction and raising awareness amongst user-groups in the correct use and maintenance of their plants. It is the absence of these elements that causes the failure of biogas plants, leading to the impression that the technology itself is faulty. This DVD, while recording our experience with the Deenbandhu biogas plant in the Himalaya, addresses these twin key factors: A detailed construction guide shows each step in the construction of a biogas unit; and a user guide demonstrates the proper use and maintenance of such a unit.

Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
Creative Crew
Vineet Sabharwal
Vineet Sabharwal