Beyond the Wheel

Rajula Shah
English (subtitled), 59 min, 2005, India

Across cultures, tradition bars women from engaging in activities of a certain kind like, the plough, the fishing net or the potter's wheel. 'Beyond the Wheel' takes a look at three women in Indian pottery, across the rural-urban, modern-traditional divides, with reference to the taboo of the wheel. For the 'modern' artist, Shampa, the taboo of course does not exist. 'Traditional' artists Sara and Neelmani do not touch the wheel. The film looks at how the taboo is turned on its head as they find a creative route to its circumvention, in the process inventing their 'own wheel'.

Rajula Shah
Creative Crew
R. V. Ramani, Rajula Shah
Amit Mahanti, Sameera Jain
Asheesh Pandya, Sameera Jain
Neelmani Devi, Sara Ibrahim, Shampa Shah
Awards and Screenings:

Second best documentary, VIBGYOR, Kerala, 2006
Special Jury award at FFSI's SIGNS Film Festival, Thiruvananthapuram, 2006

Selected Screenings:
IAWRT-IIC Asia film festival in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore & Kolkata, 2006
Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2006
MP festival, IIC Delhi, 2006
Vishva Bharati, Shantiniketan, 2006
Asian-Afrikan Studies Department, Hamburg University, 2006
Film Festival, Slovenia, 2006
Film Festival on the Arts, Jatin Das Centre for the Arts, Bhubaneshwar, 2006
Mahila Matinee, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal, 2009