The Bee, The Bear and The Kuruba

Nanga Jenu Nanga Karadi Nanga Ajja
Vinod Raja
English (subtitled), 66 min, 2001, India

"Our forests are marked by our trees. They stand as signposts, when we find our way through the thick jungle. For us, they are as permanent as the stars in the sky," - Rajappa, a Kuruba in the Nagarahole forest belt.
The Kurubas are the original inhabitants of the forests of Nagarahole and Kakanakote in the Western Ghats. Forcible eviction of the Kurubas started in the early seventies. They were driven out of their ancestral lands deep inside the forest, and forced to live on the roadside or plantations on the periphery.
Today, they have nowhere to go, and are struggling with a way of life they find difficult to adapt to, as they have become trespassers in their own land.

Grassroots Media
Creative Crew
Vinod Raja
V. G. Baskar
Awards and Screenings:

32nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI), 2001
Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 2001
21st Bilan du film ethnographique, 2002
10th Environment Film Festival, Washington DC, 2002
Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2002
6th Environmental Film Festival, Turkey, 2002
Cine Eco Film Festival, Portugal, 2002
Open Frame PSBT & UNESCO, New Delhi, 2003
One World, Asian Social Forum, 2003
The Pennsylvania Film Festival, 2001
Travelling Film South Asia, selected as part of 15 films from Film South Asia to travel across the globe.