Baba Black Beard

English (subtitled), 12 min, 2006, India

'Baba Black Beard' is the story of a child, Bonnie, who reacts to changes in her small world, especially when that change pertains to the person she is most attached to, her Baba (father). The film travels with the two of them as they go through their daily activities - eating, playing, dancing, dressing up and learning together. The child gets a pair of gold fish, which also becomes an intricate part and parcel of this secure world. One day this seemingly calm world comes crashing down for Bonnie when Baba decides to change himself. Even the fish cannot believe it!!

Shyamal Karmakar
Creative Crew
Rupanjan Paul
Namrata Rao
Pritam Das
Chiradeep Dasgupta
Awards and Screenings:

2nd Best Fiction Film, MIFF 2006
Best Short Film, IDPA. Mumbai 2007