Autumn's Final Country

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English (subtitled), 66 min, 2003, India

'Autumn's Final Country' is the touching story of Indu, Zarina, Shahnaz and Anju, four women who suffer displacement in the conflict-ridden State of Jammu and Kashmir. Recorded as testimonials for the South Asia Court of Women (Dhaka, August 2003), the film explores the lives of each woman as she relates the circumstances leading to her rootlessness, and reveals an intimate dimension of the Kashmir conflict, raising questions about patriarchal values and power, communal identities, patriotism and war.

Sonia Jabbar
Creative Crew
Sonia Jabbar
Monica Bhasin
Sonia Jabbar
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at:
Persistence Resistance, New Delhi, 2008
South Asia Court of Women, Dhaka, 2003
The IWHM Film Festival, New Delhi, 2005
Madurai Film Festival, 2005
The film has also been used by activists engaged in women’s issues, conflict, violence and human rights.