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English (subtitled), 27 min, 2008, India

'Arzoo' is the story of Sulekha Ali, a young Muslim woman who is compelled by circumstances to go live in the Shah Alam refugee camp in Ahmedabad, for six months post Gujarat communal riots of 2002. There she works as a volunteer and soon discovers emotional wounds that lie buried below the surface. Her interaction at Shah Alam with the children creates a longing within her to heal and nurture. After leaving the camp Sulekha decides to continue with her work and thus Arzoo Education & Activity Centre, synonymous with her own desires, is born. The film depicts the struggle and resilience of a young woman fighting for her beliefs, against all odds.

Arun Gupta
Creative Crew
Deepti Trivedi
Kaustubh Ray
Awards and Screenings:

Humanity Explored Film Festival (Culture Unplugged)