Apna Jungle Apni Kahani

Hindi, 35 min, 2001, India

Though the water harvesting achievements of communities have been highlighted and rewarded, the forest conservation aspects of this movement have been ignored. Apna Jungle, Apna Kahani is the first film that tells this untold tale. The film looks at five cases of water conservation in a way that emphasises different facets of an empowerment process that have helped communities living in and around national parks and sanctuaries, to protect their forests. The narrators of the film are the villagers who have experienced this process of empowerment and conservation. The script was written in active collaboration with them. A Gram Sabha meeting in progress is the thread that binds the stories together.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Kavita Das Gupta, Krishnendu Bose
Arjun Bedi
Susmit Sen