7 Islands and a Metro

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English (subtitled), 98 min, 2006, India

To the seven goddesses who reign over Bom Bahia / Bombay / Mumbai.
The multilingual Bombay, the Bombay of closed mills, of popular culture, sprawling slums and real estate onslaughts, the metropolis of numerous ghettos, the El Dorado. A tale of the city woven into a tapestry of fiction, cinéma vérité, art objects, found footage, sound installation and literary texts.
The narrative is structured around imaginary epistolatory debates between Ismat Chugtai and Sadat Hasan Manto over the art of chronicling these multi-layered overlapping cities. Shot mainly during the monsoon the film portrays some extremely beautiful yet ruthlessly violent features of Bombay which, generally, are not part of the popular narratives.

Creative Crew
Avijit Mukul Kishore
Reena Mohan, Shyamal Karmakar
Anita Kushwaha, Boby John, Gissy Michael
Arjun Sen
Harish Khanna, Vibha Chibbar
Research: Renu Savant, Dialogue: Sara Rai, Art Design: Tushar Joag, Graphics: Pryas Gupta
Awards and Screenings:

Special Jury Award, Film South Asia, Kathmandu, 2007
Screened at various film festivals among which are WSF 2007 and ISF 2006
Theatrical release in Mumbai