16mm - memories movement and a machine

K. R. Manoj
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English (subtitled), 40 min, 2007, India

Memories of the 70's bring with it memories about cinema. Those days, considered to be the highpoint of 'new wave' or 'art film' and the film society movement in Keralam, one felt a sort of frisson nouveau in the air, a feeling of being at a turning point, as if something was about to happen.
Film society movement introduced world cinema and the world of cinema to the public on a scale that was unimaginable and impossible earlier. It worked in the fissure between contemporary Malayalam cinema and world cinema, opened up a new world before the cineastes and helped create a new sensibility. The concerns, techniques and imaginary of both were worlds apart for the neophytes.
'16mm...' tries to trace back the trajectory of film society movement in Keralam and its relationship with a machine - 16mm film projector. Now abandoned as an obsolete technology, 16mm projection was the soul and source of the movement at the time and still burrs on in the minds of a generation of cineastes. A journey through the images that try to capture the enigma of the cultural interface produced by a post independent cultural movement.

Ranjini Krishnan
Creative Crew
Manu Balak, Shehnad Jalal
Babu Ratnam, Mahesh Narayanan
Renjith Nair
A. S. Ajithkumar, Abhishek Bhattathiri
S. Suresh Babu, Sreevasudeva Bhattathiri
Awards and Screenings:

Best Documentary, Montage Movie Award, 2008
Best Documentary, VIBGYOR Film Award, 2008
Jury Award, Swaralaya, 2008
Best Documentary & Best Director, Kerala State Award, 2008
Best Documentary, SOMS Documentary Award, 2008
Selected Screenings:
Montage Film & Video Fest, 2008
International Video Festival of Kerala, 2008
Osian’s-Cinefan, 10th Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema, 2008
Soorya Fest, 2008
Swaralaya Film Fest, 2008
IFFI (Indian Panorama), 2008
Madurai Film Festival, 2008
Bangalore International Film Festival, 2009