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Magic Lantern Movies (MLM) aims to create a repository of some of the finest films from India and the world – documentaries, fiction, short films, animation and experimental films – and make them visible and accessible to a global audience. We have carefully curated an eclectic range of films that demonstrate diverse issues, expressions and form. The curation is an integral part of our distribution activity and is critical for presenting a collective but plural picture in terms of politics, form and craft. Moreover, this body of work creates a mechanism and tool for us to work with the politics of visibility.
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Magic Lantern Movies

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Directors: Rajula Shah

The "wretched of the earth" hold fast the spirit of Bhakti, the Word resonating in and with their lives. As they sing the poetry of Kabir and Gorakhnath they embody, far beyond the scope of any intellectual resolve, a refusal to die, a bid to seize eternity from historic annihilation.