Jannik Hastrup
Jannik Hastrup

Jannik Hastrup is a Danish writer, director, producer, illustrator and animator. Born in 1941 in Næstved, Denmark, he is considered "Denmark's grand master of animation", and is well known for directing, animating and writing a large body of animated films.

During the sixties and seventies, Jannik Hastrup produced and directed some sixty animated short films, which include the Danish classics "Benny’s Badekar" (Benny’s Bathtub, 1970) and "Cirkeline" (Circleen, 1967-71), "Historiebogen" (The History Book - 9 episodes, 1973), "Samson & Sally" (1984) and the Cannes Junior winner "Fuglekrigen i Kanøfleskoven" (War of the Birds, 1990). He has received numerous awards for his works and many of his films have became international festival hits, selling worldwide.

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    Director: Jannik Hastrup

    'The History Book' is a series of six animated films on the history of Western...

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