Ilppo Pohjola

Ilppo Pohjola studied at the Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies of the American Film Institute, Los Angeles, USA, and at the Media Arts Department of Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the Faculty of Art, Design and Film of Harrow College of Higher Education, London, UK, in 1988. He works as an artist/filmmaker in Finland. He has written and directed a number of films, which have been shown internationally in art museums, galleries, cinemas, on TV and at hundreds of film festivals, winning several international awards. Pohjola has made experimental videos and creative documentaries for TV. He also works as a designer, photographer and cinematographer.

Films with Magic Lantern Movies

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    Director: Ilppo Pohjola

    'P(l)ain Truth' tells the story of a transsexual's journey from a biological woman...

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