TV show based on Tagore's classic 'Gora' to air on DD from Oct 29

Poet and Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's 'Gora', a novel that deals with the debate between modernity and tradition, is set to be aired on small screen. 'Gora', deals with both for and against traditionally accepted norms, which forms the subject of a television serial, to be telecast on Doordarshan from October 29.Commissioned by Doordarshan, this novel, made into a Hindi television serial of 26 episodes, will be telecast on the national network DD 1 every Monday and Tuesday at 2130 hrs from October 29. Produced by the renowned filmmaker, curator, distributor, exhibitor and producer Gargi Sen, the series has been directed by Somnath Sen who is known for his work in cinema.It has been filmed by B Chaki and scripted by Sreejaya Radhakrishnan, while the music has been composed by Dabbu and Sanjoy using Tagore's prolific music of that period as reference and also sourced from Tagore's own inspiration, the Baul music of Bengal.
Addressing a press conference, its director Somnath Sen said the TV show was an attempt to aware today's generation of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore's work."Many questions raised by Gurudev in this novel are relevant today, such as what and who comprise a nation and the role of lower castes, the dispossessed and women in nation building.He also examines the contemporaneous disconnect between urban educated and rural peasants," the director said.
Net India 123 | 21 Oct 2012