Lalit Vachani's films in MLM archive

We are happy to announce the inclusion of five acclaimed works of eminent filmmaker Lalit Vachani to the MLM archive:
The Boy in the Branch
A documentary film on the indoctrination of young Hindu boys by the Hindu fundamentalist organization, the RSS.
The Starmaker
A film about the business of `starmaking’ in Bollywood.
The Men in the Tree
Eight years after making 'The Boy in the Branch', Lalit Vachani revisits the subjects of his earlier film to explore the rise of the RSS and its Hindutva ideology.
Natak Jari Hai (The Play goes on)
A film about the left street theatre group, Jana Natya Manch.
The Salt Stories
Set in Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, 'The Salt Stories' is a road movie documentary that follows the trail of Mahatma Gandhi’s salt march of 1930 from Ahmedabad to Dandi.