Awards at the Jeevika 2013

Surabhi Sharma's recent film 'Can we see the baby bump please?' received a Special Mention at the recently concluded Jeevika 2013, the 10th edition of the Jeevika: Asia Livelihood Documentary Festival at New Delhi. The film, an attempt to understand the practice of commercial surrogacy in the Indian context, is produced by Sama - Resource Group for Women and Health with Magic Lantern being the Executive Producer.
As per the Jury Citation, ‘Can we see the Baby Bump please’ is an even-handed film about a contentious issue. While raising questions regarding regulation and explanation, it sets the larger socio-economic context in which women choose to play the alienating role of surrogate mother. We commend it for its quiet, careful exploration of a complex issue.
The Best Long Documentary award at the festival went to 'Shepherds of Paradise' by Raja Shabir Khan. The Best Short Documentary prize was awarded to 'Bottle Masala in Moile' by Vaidehi Chitre. Sunanda Bhat's 'Have you seen the Arana' received the Best Cinematography and Best Editing awards. The Best Student Documentary award was jointly shared between 'The Donkey Fair' by Rakesh Shukla (FTII) and 'In Citylights' by Saurabh Vyas (NID, Ahmedabad).